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MRV&Co Housing Platform

For many years MRV has steadily diversified its business portfolio and product range, aiming to better meet the growing demands of the residential real estate market. Today, MRV&CO has become a complete housing solution platform positioned to offer the best housing option for the specific stage clients find themselves in life, from the acquisition of apartments through MRV and Sensia urbanized properties through Urba, or even those seeking rental units through Luggo in Brazil and Resia in the United States.

To supply the growing economic real estate demand, from families with the income starting from R$ 2,000, with access to the Brazil´s two main sources of funding: FGTS and SBPE, MRV has four product lines. All are made of projects that offers a great advantage such as cost-benefit, many options for location, typology, leisure, workmanship, technological and sustainable innovations.
For the mid-income, just above bracket 3 of Casa Verde Amarela Program, MRV has its “Linha Class”, a distinct product due to its location, workmanship, leisure options, innovations and services offered.
Sensia Incorporadora, launched in 2021, was created to supply the mid-income market above “Linha Class” and its distinction can be found its freedom to customize the layout of the apartment and its finishing materials, it’s also included in the projects a gourmet balcony and leisure items.
Urba is a subsidiary specialized in allotments, open and closed options, as well as residential condominiums, focused on low and mid-income market, in strategic locations. The projects are planned to provide greater accessibility and quality of life to its clients.
In January 2020, MRV & Co expanded its operation to the US market with the acquisition of AHS Residential. It is a company focused on the development of projects for residential leasing and subsequent sale of the projects leased to an investment fund (REIT). In 2022, AHS Residential is officially renamed Resia.
Luggo is a subsidiary that offers projects designed and developed specifically for the rental market, to be subsequently sold in full to a Real Estate Investment Fund (FII).