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Our story


Over four decades in movement

We build dreams that transform the world

From the dream and determination of three cousins, two recently graduated and one who already owns a construction company, on October 1st, 1979, MRV was born, a real estate developer focused on low income residential projects. Its great competitive advantage in these more than four decades, was its built-up business network, qualified professionals, technology and successful experience in the low-income residential projects.

Today we are a housing platform with solutions able to provide options that best supports each moment in our clients life, whether with the purchase of ready-made apartments or on the to be built by MRV and Sensia, by the purchase of land plots in completely urbanized areas with Urba, or even by renting specially designed projects, with on demand services offered by Luggo, or by renting properties in the USA with AHS.

We have invested heavily on Social, Environmental and Governance issues, even before the acronym ESG gained prominence in the market. We are the only real estate developer company that, for five consecutive years, is part of the main index of the Brazilian stock exchange (B3) that recognizes and selects companies with positive social, environmental and governance practices, the ISE (Corporate Sustainability Index), we are signatories of the UN Global Compact since 2016, which aims to mobilize the international business community to adopt ESG measures based on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We invest heavily in technology, providing creative solutions, in line with our purpose of “Building Dreams that Transform the World”. Our commitment is present daily in the Company, with constant improvement to the lives and experiences of our clients.


How did we get here

These are some of the main milestones in our history


On October 1, 1979, MRV was born, engineers Mário, Rubens and Homero (Vega Engenharia) created a Company focused on low income segment, something unthinkable in that time.


MRV launches its first project outside the capital of Minas Gerais, taking the brand to Contagem, metropolitan region of Belo Horizonte.


The Company was a pioneer with the launch of its own credit line SFH – Sistema Fácil de Habitação, when financing process was ended in the country.


Beginning of the geographic expansion plan with the Company’s arrival in the Triângulo Mineiro, with launches in Uberaba and Uberlândia.


With a characteristic pioneering spirit, MRV starts investment [GdCF1] in Marketing through Sports, an efficient way to take the Company’s brand to every corner of the country.


The Company arrives in of São Paulo and launches, in the same year, a financing plan with fixed installments, innovating once again.


Sale of 16.7% of its capital to the Autonomy Capital investment fund Research LLP backed up the Company in preparation for an IPO.


In July 2007, the Company became part of the Novo Mercado, the highest level of Bovespa’s Corporate Governance, offering 45.9 million common shares to the market and raising R$ 1.2 billion.


Log Commercial Properties is launched, a MRV Group Company that operates in the logistical projects. Log concentrated on the incorporation business and construction of condominiums for logistical warehouses multi-tenants, in strategical locations.


The Company took part in the creation of the Federal Government Housing program “Minha Casa Minha Vida”.


Creation of Urba, a Company specialized in the development Urban allotment in strategic locations, with high quality and planned to enable more convenience, fun and quality of life.


Change in the Governance model Corporate: Rubens Menin leaves the CEO seat to fill the position as Chairman of the Board of Directors and Rafael Menin and Eduardo Fischer are named as Co-CEOs.


Creation of the MRV Institute, an organization without for profit, responsible for gathering the social responsibility initiatives of the Company. Its mission is to promote the value of the human being through the social inclusion, encouraging education and professional qualification, in addition to the Company’s initiatives that contribute to the sustainable development of the society.


Following  the United Nations Global Program, which aims to mobilize the international business community for endorsement, in their business practices, of fundamental values and internationally accepted in the areas of human rights, labor relations, environment and fighting corruption.


MRV joins the portfolio of the Corporate Sustainability Index (ISE) of B3. The Company is today the only Real Estate company that has been part of the index for five years consecutive.


In December LOG Commercial Properties which operates the Development of logistic warehouses, is no longer officially a subsidiary of MRV and the shares of two companies are now traded separately (MRVE3 and LOGG3) in B3.


MRV completes 40 years of history. Operating in 22 states, plus the DF, the Company is the largest Real Estate Developer in  Brazil and Latin America. The Company has already been part of the dream of over 1 million Brazilians, that dreams of owning a house, without losing sight of its purpose (building dreams that transform  the world).

Creation of Luggo, part of the Company product line for residential rental, whose objective is to ease the rental process, offering competitive rental prices with comfort and in an accessible way. In Luggo’s condominiums, there are on-demand services such as carsharing, which were not available on the long-term rental market in Brazil.


Acquisition of AHS Residential, a US real estate development  company focused on the building and rental of units with the subsequent sale of the project to investors. MRV started its internationalization process, with the entry into the US multifamily market, with projects aimed at families with incomes between US$ 37 thousand and US$ 87 thousand per year.


In the midst of the largest expansion process in its history, AHS Residential – a subsidiary of MRV&Co Group, focused on multifamily housing and operating exclusively in the United States market – announces that its brand name will be officially changed to Resia.